When Slight Overage Leads To An Adjustment, Part 1

During the span of May through July of this calendar year, I kept revising and creating formats to ensure that I will ultimately have the best group of 2,200 movies in my collection. And up until last night, I thought that I was going to meet my eventual (and intended) quota of 2,122 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred movies. However, after totaling up A] The ten Tier 12 movies that don’t have overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots as of yet and are currently in Tier 7, B] The Blackening and Blue Beetle, C] The 10 likely successful upcoming 2023 movies, D] Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris as the movie that will get the Catch-22 Hundred spot that is likely to be revoked from The Creator, E] The other 12 qualified Tier 7 movies and F] Mending The Line likely passing its assessment, I realized that I was going to be two over that eventual and intended quota, so I thought that I would have to option two of those movies as final 78 movies.

But after realizing that all 36 (including Mending The Line) of those projected movies are all too good to be optioned as final 78 movies, I instead decided to treat the Eastern Blue Bird 53 page like an NFL roster that is now allowed to have 48 players in uniform on game day, thus renaming it Eastern Bluebird 48. And that’s even with any one of those 10 likely successful upcoming 2023 movies, as well as the aforementioned Mending The Line, failing their assessments. But that dual scenario is unlikely, thus a gift opportunity for three additional movies to be overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred movies before the grueling selection for the now final 73 movies.

Of course, I almost hesitated to make adjustments to the then-final 78 selection protocol, as there is still the possibility of upcoming 2023 movies kowtowing to The Frandemic. And that possibility could still happen, but I’m not going to make wholesale changes to the part of my schedule that has upcoming 2023 movies on it. Instead, I’ll scour the internet for 12 back-ups, along with an unspecified amount of pre-2023 movies, in the event that the latter option is needed. Plus, who knows about The Creator, because that movie could be among the now 80 movies that will get overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots between now and January 1, 2024.

Go to the Sneak Leaks page to see my hybrid plan of selecting both back-ups for potentially delayed upcoming 2023 movies and pre-2023 movies for the three additional spots that were exempt from the then-Eastern Blue Bird 53 page.