Positions Available

Here at Art Infliction, we are always looking for ways to build on the progress that we’ve already made, along with continuously living up to the motto of keeping this thing diverse.

Here on this page, you will see the following positions that are available to ensure those two things.

The following position(s) below are listed in bold, along with being accompanied by both a bullet point and brief yet detailed description:

  • General Manager-We are currently looking for a General Manager to access all of our current content, provide input for all our our current content, and give input for adding new content. Plus, this position also calls for fielding all personnel inquiries moving forward. We are actively looking for someone whom is able to deal with all that is entailed in this position. And until that search is over, Steve Kaycee will be the interim General Manager. You can go the Contact page to inquire about this position.
  • Art Infliction Home Post/Page Model-We are currently looking for a lovely woman to be our cover model for the Art Infliction Home post and the Home page that runs concurrent with it. The accepted candidate will be modeling in an Art Infliction t-shirt and jeans, the latter of which will be mentioned in Entity Credits should she provide her own. Any and all candidates can go to the Contact page to inquire about this position.