When It Began

For years, I’ve been known for my versatility and creativity, where it all started at the age of six.

It was then that I got exposed to art, in the form of drawing.

No matter how central other subjects were during my years of public school, I always found the time to draw.

However, as my foray into the real world started as a 19-year old, the drawing almost came to an end.

But a brush of fate rekindled the return to art, as I noticed a bunny rabbit painted rock on my porch, while watching a movie.

Inspired, I set out to paint rocks, planning to put my own custom designs on them.

Painting rocks led to painting canvases.

Painting canvases led to drawing again.

And my overall dedication to art led to getting a lot of put it on me, in the form of tattoos.

Now I’m here to share my story in the forms of writing, painting, and drawing. Plus, I’ve branched into the world of clothing creation.

It was a fight day in and day out to move on from my draconian day job, but I did it and I couldn’t be happier.

With inspiration and motivation, the same can happen for you.

Here’s to making you go from upset to upbeat.

Eternally artistic,
Steve Kaycee