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Today, he both revisits and re-loads his list of favorite YouTube movie reviewers.

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“Odes Revisited & Odes Added”

Being both a movie reviewer and someone that is looking to have the best collection of 2,300 movies assembled, I watch various YouTubers for their reactions to certain movies. And of course, with that being said, the ones that I’ve mentioned before were The Nostalgia Critic, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Smeghead, Stuckmann, Jeremy Jahns and Jeremy Scott. And while I haven’t watched every single video of theirs, I feel that I know what I’ll get via watching any of their videos, even if Stuckmann’s “Madame Web” video has incurred open criticism from both commenters and other YouTubers. But I’ll address that next week because that’s not what today’s entry is about.

Instead, today’s entry is about the additional YouTube movie reviewers that I’ve been watching since the “Ode To Contemporaries” subseries was posted. And as to which YouTube movie reviewers they are, well they are the following:

  • Korey Coleman, the primary host of Double Toasted
  • Julien, one of Korey’s Double Toasted sidekicks and the current back-up host of Double Toasted
  • Martin Thomas, Korey’s main Double Toasted sidekick
  • Billy Brooks, Korey’s other primary Double Toasted sidekick that can be usually seen in the “Bad Movie Roast” videos
  • Another Double Toasted contributor also named Julien, who I think did his own solo video movie review for the movie “Chevalier”
  • Ramboraph4life
  • The YouTuber “3C Films”
  • Chris J. Hermann, one of the many individuals who came up through the Double Toasted pipeline and now has his own YouTube channel
  • Tyrone Magnus
  • Reel Shift
  • Dan Murrell
  • Trev of “Trev’s Movies”
  • The YouTuber with the channel “Just My Opinions Reviews”
  • John Campea
  • Sean Chandler
  • Austin Burke
  • Kristian Harloff
  • Cody Leach
  • The YouTuber named Adam, whose videos all seem to have a 1980s-sounding instrumental to all of them

Yes, the list of YouTube movie reviewers that I watch has certainly expanded since that subseries posted back in 2022. And just like the ones that I cited in that subseries, they too are educating this movie reviewer in how to add new wrinkles to an already established style of content-creating. And while I regard every YouTuber mentioned as my contemporaries, their style is different from mine, as they’re all making the videos of their respective reviews, while I just write mine via word processing applications. Yes, both styles are different yet challenging. However, I think what all of those YouTubers do is way more challenging than what I do, which makes what they all have accomplished all the more remarkable. So yeah, nothing but a tip of the cap from me to all of them.

Tune in a week from today to my reaction to the Stuckmann “Madame Web” video.