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This week, Steve blogs about his insight about the American jury system.

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“To Accountability And Possibly Beyond: Part 4”

                      Previously in Kaycee And The Forefront, I mentioned my occasional faithlessness in our jury system, as it’s resulted in a multitude of both egregious acquittals and egregious non-indictments via part 2 of To Accountability And Possibly Beyond. And of course, that entry is just the tip of that particular egregious iceberg.

Of course, you might be wondering why I have faithlessness in our jury system. Well as someone who wants right to be right, I’m pissed off at both how easily that the defense can manipulate the jury with their lies, along with the dishonesty that jurors have when it comes to whether they can be impartial or not. And yes, the latter of those two things is a real thing, as a case (I’ll talk about it off the record sometime) that I served on had a fellow juror admit in the deliberation room that she had issues having the same vote as the rest of us, despite the fact that she admitted to being an impartial juror during jury selection. So in other words, she was dishonest with the judge.

To be continued.