Kaycee And The Forefront

Welcome to Kaycee And The Forefront, the weekly page where Steve Kaycee brings world issues to the forefront.

This week, Steve is finally back to bringing an issue to the forefront, which is why he got a portrait of Freddie Jackson as a tattoo, along with why he no longer wants it.

Check it out and enjoy!

“The Unfortunate Portrait”

                                          At the end of Heart Meaning Transplant, Part 3, I did say tune in on Saturday for what else was going to happen on the third Saturday of June 2014.

However, the reason for that announcement has been rendered obsolete, as the meaning of what was originally my 113th tattoo is now lost.

You see, I got a black and grey portrait of Freddie Jackson from the “You Are My Lady” era tattooed on the right side of my lower back. And as to why I got it, well that song (You Are My Lady) made me think of that girl that I regrettably used to like, which of course was the only reason that I got it.

But given how totally hollow that that song rings to me, along with the fact that the sole reason that I got the piece is as bad as getting the portrait or name of a girl I like tattooed on me, and the obvious fact that I’ve moved on from her, I’ve decided to go the route of getting that piece covered up.

Granted, I’ve re-invented meanings of tattoos that I’ve previously and will most likely do so again during the future of this series. However, finding a new meaning for the aforementioned Freddie Jackson tattoo is impossible. Especially when the song has proven to be a complete afterthought.

I do apologize for completing bypassing a blog entry for Threading The Needle Thursday today, but I felt it was important to announce my decision of getting the aforementioned Freddie Jackson portrait covered up via this method. Especially when that piece was slated to be the next one blogged about in the Tats What’s Up! series.

A definitive decision about what will cover up the aforementioned Freddie Jackson portrait hasn’t been made, as I have a couple options to consider in order to rid myself of that tattoo regret.

Tune in two weeks from now to find out my decision.