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Today, he brings the issue of Jada Pinkett Smith’s book “Worthy” to the forefront and ponders whether he’ll review it or not.

You can see the entry below!

**Note: The following content has adult wording. Discretion is advised

“Is Worthy Worth My Time To Review Or Not?”

Nearly three weeks after the blog entry “The Dawn Of Smard” posted to the Miscellaneous page, the load-management approach to my career has really worked wonders, as I don’t feel bogged down as much these days. And of course, with all of that being said, that approach will become more of a factor, starting on Independence Day 2024.

However, this entry isn’t about my load-management approach. Instead, it’s about me deciding if I should review Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir, entitled “Worthy”, especially since I blogged about that clown show a.k.a. her marriage to Will Smith over a year and a half ago. And trust me, the production of that two-part subseries was mentally exhausting throughout.

Of course, I still have yet to complete my reading of the book about Norwich Terriers. And given that I like to finish the book that I’m currently reading for an eventual review, “Worthy” won’t be an immediate read, as A] I’m hopping off the bandwagon of Jada Pinkett Smith being a trending topic in the news once this entry posts, and B] I have a plentiful amount of other yet to be read books kicking around somewhere in my house. Furthermore, I’m not going to pay $14.99 (plus state sales tax) to read “Worthy” digitally, nor am I going to fork over anything in the $18 to $24 price range for a physical copy of it. Instead, I’ll either just wait for it to become free to read via a digital platform or wait for it to land in one of those $1-and-under type stores. But I might give ZERO fucks about “Worthy” by that point, as I’ll still have many other projects in the Art Infliction pipeline.

Tune in a week from tomorrow to the Steve’s Reads page to my review of the Norwich Terrier book.