Always Be On The Lookout

When it comes to every update here at Art Infliction, we try to keep you all in the loop as much as possible.

But realistically, that can’t always be the case, as the various content and storefront owners that have partnered up with us all do things differently with their respective updates.

However, their way of doing things differently than how we do things here at Art Infliction shouldn’t exclude them at all from that Nog loop that we try to keep you all in as much as possible.

Matter of fact, there won’t be any exclusion at all, as Steve Kaycee has found a way to make sure that any and all various content and storefront owners can indeed be in the Nog loop via Always Be On The Lookout, our very first non-menu page that you can find as a widget via the site sidebar on the computer version of Art Infliction, as well as the Widget Pages widget, which you can find right under the Recent Posts widget on the mobile version of Art Infliction.

To see which content pages and storefronts are in the Nog loop via this page, simply view the hyperlinked words below:

Leenda Lucia

Travel Girl


Kelsey’s Storefront