Through No Fault Of Our Own

After finishing an update for this website on May 19, 2022, we encountered the glitch of being re-directed to it (this website) after trying to sign out of the WordPress dashboard. And not only did we encounter this glitch because in addition, we encountered it four separate times.

Of course, our web host provider, HostMetro, helped us fix this issue not too long after we noticed how persistent that it was, and there haven’t been any more re-directs since nor will there be any more re-directs moving forward. However, we also felt the importance of bringing up this issue on this website to let our ad provider, AdSense, know about the multiple glitches in an ongoing effort to remain in their good graces moving forward.

Once again, thank you to each and every one of you viewers for your continued support, and let’s keep Art Infliction progressing!