Current De-Activated Pages

Here at Art Infliction, we pride ourselves on presenting you all with pages that you can come back to each and every day.

However, not all of our pages present that luxury, as commitments to ongoing projects have made the updates of certain pages sporadic at best. And with that last part being said, we have come to the realization that sporadically updating pages are not beneficial at all to your viewing experience.

But what if we had something that both allows us to tend to our ongoing projects and helps you avoid sporadically updating pages?

Well look no further, because this page is exactly that, as we house the names of pages that have been de-activated from plain view, due to them of course being sporadic.

To see which pages are being housed here, simply view the bullet points below:

  • Oh Shoots!
  • Write Stuff
  • Uniquely Specific
  • Over Capacity
  • Tats What’s Up!
  • G-Status