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Karl-Nine (The Nine Movie Assessments That Will Be In The Next Round With The Boris Karloff Version Of The Mummy)

                                                          The 100-movie assessment marathon that is still currently happening is no doubt the main thing that’s on my mind right now. However, that doesn’t mean that the movie assessments will end forever. Especially with more coming through the pipeline, such as Aquaman 2 and Wonder Woman 1984. 

                                                          However, the former of those two won’t be out until 2022, while the latter of those two won’t be out until early June of this year. So with both of those things being said, I’ll focus on a near future project that won’t be anywhere near the undertaking that the 100-movie assessment marathon is, along with the fact that I assessed a movie (Lucky Day) that wasn’t a part of this marathon that I’m currently working on.

                                                         Now this isn’t the first time during this marathon that I’ve changed a movie in the line-up, as I swapped out Cats for The Intruder. However, that was by design, whereas the assessment of Lucky Day was by accident. So to keep the rest of the line-up intact, along with not wanting to exceed 100 movie assessments at all during the span of January 3, 2020 through February 4, 2020, I optioned (moved) the Boris Karloff version of The Mummy to the next round of movie assessments, which is slated to occur sometime after this coming Valentine’s Day. And as to how many movies that will be assessed during that round in addition to the Boris Karloff version of The Mummy, well that total is nine, as I had any and all Julie Gonzalo movies slip through the cracks during the time in which I was putting together the 100-movie assessment marathon, along with the fact that I almost chose the Taylor Schilling movie “Family” instead of The Intruder to take the place of Cats during this current marathon.

                                                      To see which nine movies will be in the round of movie assessments with The Mummy, simply view the table below:

Next Nine:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
Pumpkin Pie WarsOut of all the Julie Gonzalo movies yet to be assessed, this one was one of the top two in that category.
Ladron Que Roba A LadronThe second of the top two Julie Gonzalo movies that has yet to be assessed.
FamilyDespite Taylor Schilling already having one of her movies (Argo) in the Evaluation Pool, it’s worth seeing/assessing other movies of hers.
The PublicSame reason as Family. Plus, it’s time to assess an Emilio Esetevez movie, in which he is both an actor and director.
The Lucky OneSame reason as Family, along with the fact that if Flying Lessons can get re-assessed, then this movie should as well. Plus, Zach Efron has a proven track record of movies where him and beautiful actresses are in the same cast. Among the actresses in movies with him: Amanda Crew, Zoey Deutch, Aubrey Plaza (twice), Anna Kendrick, Alexanda Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Priyanka Chopra and Rebecca Ferguson.
The Break-Up ArtistAfter another look at the filmography of the aforementioned Amanda Crew, a third movie of hers (this one) is in the category of best movies of hers that have yet to be assessed.
LoosiesThere’s no such thing as too much Jaimie Alexander in the Tremendous 1200 Project. Plus, it will be interesting to see her in a movie with Peter Facinelli, her one-time fiancé in real life.
The DUFFIt’s in total need of a re-assessment.
Find Me GuiltyIf The Informant! can be in the Tremendous 1200 rankings, then this movie deserves a re-assessment.

Steve Believes: #3 Clemson Tigers Vs. #1 LSU Tigers, 2019-20 NCAA Football Championship

For the near year and a half that I’ve blogged about sports, pro football has been the sport that I’ve predominantly blogged about the most, with NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball being a very distant second, followed by pro basketball and Major League Baseball.

Now I have blogged about college football, but not entirely, as the two times that I did so were tied to pro football during both my 2019 NFL Draft prediction entry and 2019 NFL Draft reaction entry. 

However, that narrative changes today, as for the first time in this current Art Infliction era, I will fully blog about college football, by predicting the College Football Playoff National Championship between the reigning champions in the Clemson Tigers (number 3 overall) and the top-seeded LSU Tigers.

Now I don’t know the names of most of the players on either team, let alone the names of most of the players in college football, period. However, I do know who Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence are, as well as some of Burrow’s offensive teammates (Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Thaddeus Moss) and some of Lawrence’s teammates (Travis Etienne, Justyn Ross, Tee Higgins, Amari Rodgers), and all of those players are among some of the most explosive and effective in all of college football. 

Clemson hasn’t lost a game since the 2017-18 College Football Playoff semifinal against the Alabama Crimson, a team that they throttled last season to claim their second national championship in three seasons. As for LSU, this is their first time in the title game since the 2011-12 when they lost against Alabama, a team that they defeated in Tuscaloosa this past November 9 to put themselves in this position. And as for when Ed Orgeron’s bunch last lost a game, well you’ll have to go back to November 24 of 2018 when they a lost a seven-overtime game against the Texas A&M Aggies. 

Currently, Clemson is on a 29-game winning streak. But it could have stopped at 28, as the Ohio State Buckeyes had them on the mat at 16-0 in the semifinals and nearly dethroned the defending champions. LSU, on the other hand, has won their last five games by 21 points or more. 

LSU is a far-more superior opponent than Ohio State and like Ohio State, they will jump out to a double-digit lead in this one. But that’s where the similarities end, because LSU will keep pouring it on to thwart any and all Clemson comeback attempts. 

Yep, I’m picking the Bayou Bengals to dethrone Clemson and I’m picking them to win 45-28.