**Note: The following content is neither a pyramid scheme, nor cyber-begging of any kind. Plus, it doesn’t promote gambling.

From the time that he was 11 years old, Steve Kaycee has wanted to emulate the professional athletes that he looks up to, from the way that they compete to the way that they impact the community.

That aspiration of wanting to impact the community always stuck with Steve. However, it didn’t come to the forefront until the “Hands Up” and “I Can’t Breathe” situations of 2014, the year that Steve was a web presence on the rise.

As an up-and-coming public figure, Steve used his blogger position as a platform to shed light on those aforementioned situations, by writing a now-defunct entry, entitled The Art Of Improvement. The aforementioned entry wouldn’t be rendered insignificant, however, as it went on to resonate with his readers.

During 2015, Steve befriended Marcia Carreiro, who’s the mother of four daughters. Her oldest daughter, Kelsey, battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for many years. And when Steve first heard about that, he set up a page with Kelsey’s picture on it to raise awareness. The page was entitled R4K, which was a part of the old Art Infliction.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see that a lot has changed. In addition to Art Infliction’s obvious revamp, we are very happy to announce that Kelsey has won her battle against that cancer.

And that’s not at all, as Steve has teamed up with Marcia and Kelsey once again to form Tattuary, Art Infliction’s charitable foundation that’s dedicated to many causes, such as curing cancer and putting an end to animal cruelty.

To date, Art Infliction has raised some money for these causes, but not enough to do the justice that they deserve. But you can help, by simply clicking the Donate button below.

Together, we will be able to do the justice that these/those causes and many others deserve. So please, contribute what you can and we will personally see to it that your donation goes to the cause of your choice, whether it’s providing relief to any country that’s been devastated by natural disasters or rescuing a helpless puppy that causes the human eye to be anything but dry. Your donation will make an impact that will last forever.

Thank you and God bless.

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