Extra Sessions

Here at Art Infliction, we are very structured with things, such as Kaycee And The Forefront and Steve Believes.

However, there will be weeks where Steve Kaycee won’t make the Monday deadline for the former of those two pages, along with the fact that he could have more than one sports entry during a particular week.

But what if Steve could make up for a missed deadline? And what if he had a page to run in tandem with Steve Believes?

Well, the answers are here on this page, as we house both belated assignments and impromptu assignments.

Or in this case, Steve squeezing in a Kaycee And The Forefront entry into this page whenever the aforementioned Kaycee And The Forefront page, along with both The Bonus Round page and Miscellaneous page, are all booked solid.

So now you are most likely wondering, “What is Steve tackling this time?”

Well, the answer is the third of the three movies that he has removed from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, along with two other movies that he isn’t overlooking anymore.

Check it out below!

“Nomad As All Get Out!: Part 2”

                     In my past two movie assessment entries, I’ve said that I was done forever removing movies from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, as I felt that such a decision would be just that after the removal of the following movies:

  • LOL
  • About Cherry
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Adrift (Shaliene Woodley movie)
  • Old School
  • Zookeeper

                      But after realizing that it wouldn’t feel right to have Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj in the Two Thous-Ton rankings without its predecessor (see chart below), I removed one last movie from that page. And to see what that movie is, well simply view the aforementioned chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
Van WilderThe movie that was removed from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention and the one that its sequel (Van Wilder 2: The Rise Of Taj) needs for good flow in the Two Thous-Ton Project.
Me, Myself & IreneOne of the big-name movies that I have yet to see. Now’s my chance to see it, as I’ve rented it via iTunes.
Term LifeIt’s being assessed because it was the movie with the kick-ass trailer on my Mr. Right DVD, thus me making a point to eventually assess it.

                    Of course, the three movies in the chart above aren’t a part of the ongoing and upcoming movie assessment marathons that I have. But given that I have them as iTunes rentals until this July 19, they will all get the nomad assessment status that both Old School and Zookeeper will have. And given the new feature that I’ll be adding to the Art Infliction website right after the 15 And Flier marathon, this will indeed be my last ever Sneak Leaks entry. 

                 It’s been fun doing this Sneak Leaks thing, but it’s time to go in a new and expansive direction. Tune in on September 7, 2020 to find out what the new and expansive direction will be.