06-25-23 Commemoration Or Regular

On June 25, 2023, we changed our website colors to both honor the memory of the late Willis Reed, who would have turned 81 that day, and to signify that Day 1 of this current Art Infliction era began on the day of his 76th birthday. And as to what colors that we used to honor the NBA Hall Of Famer, well we used the four colors (orange, blue, white, gray) that the New York Knicks (his team) use in both their uniforms and logo.

Of course, we changed the website colors back to our regular color pallet of beige, black and red on June 26, 2023. So, with that being said, we here at Art Infliction would like to know if you liked the commemorative color pallet from an aesthetics standpoint via the poll below. And not only do you get to vote in the poll below because in addition, you get to see samples of our June 25, 2023 commemorative color pallet beforehand to further decide.

Thank you for your continued support and happy voting!

**Note: Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to present the gallery below in a traditional format

What did you think of our June 25, 2023 commemorative color pallet?