Another Honest Mistake

On the night of February 6, 2024, Steve Kaycee had difficulties accessing (on two separate browsers) the Art Infliction website, as he needed to get to The Nog (on just one of those two browsers) to post that page’s link on the Art Infliction social media platforms. So, he reset both browsers, in an attempt to get a faster loading speed to access this website.

Sure enough, he did get that faster loading speed that night. However, it happened with both browsers simultaneously, due to him thinking that his primary browser wasn’t loading this website properly, thus he instinctively went to his secondary browser. And of course, his instincts got the better of him, as this website loaded properly on both his browsers simultaneously, thus he quit and reset one of them to prove that he wasn’t committing viewer fraud towards our ad provider, AdSense, despite the fact that those lagging loading speeds on both of his browsers were completely out of his control.

Still, we here at Art Infliction would like to sincerely apologize to AdSense for the two-browser snafu that occurred on the night of February 6, 2024, as one of our goals has always been to get views the right way and that will always be one of our goals for as long as this website remains active.

In closing, we hope that AdSense forgives this latest snafu and that we can continue our partnership with them moving forward!