Here at Art Infliction, we run into the rare instances of having so many blog entries to the point that we run out of pages that can house any blog entry, with the week of May 18, 2020 through May 24, 2020 being such a week.

However, we always think of ways to showcase content that needs to be showcased. Especially in specific situations, such as when Artist Vs. (Con) Artists: Part 2 needed to be showcased on May 23, 2020 or when Heard Might Not Be The Word needed to be showcased on October 7, 2020.

And now you can add December 8, 2023 to that category, as Steve Kaycee blogs about his countermove to The Harder They Fall failing its assessment for the Catch-22 Hundred Project.

You can check out the entry below.

“A Hard Plummet Leads To A Paul Giamatti Movie Easily Being A Fallback Option”

 Thus far in my attempt to amass 11 totally competent movies for the two NIT style spot-fill tournaments, I was able to get a sixth movie to join both Melissa Barrera-Jenna Ortega “Scream” movies, At Eternity’s Gate, The Land and Richard Jewell, with that movie being the newly released “Silent Night”. However, the number is still six, as The Harder They Fall (despite the presence of Idris Elba) proved to be a total drain of energy, thus it won’t be one of the 11 overall movies. So, with that being said, what movie could be brought in as a viable fallback option?

Well, how about a movie, The Holdovers, that reteams actor Paul Giamatti and director Alexander Payne 19 years after their first collaboration, Sideways.

Yes, I debated seeing this movie theatrically, especially now that I got a Regal Cinemas gift card as an early Christmas gift four days ago. However, its theatrical run is now over and I don’t want to pay $19.99 (plus sales tax) to rent it on either Apple or Amazon, thus jeopardizing its chances of being one of those 11 total movies.

Or so I thought, as one of my hard copy media connections just so happens to have this movie accessible to assess and at $10 (pre-sales tax) less than what I would have to currently pay to rent it via either Apple or Amazon. And given that I think The Holdovers has a cozy vibe that is similar to Somewhere In Queens (a pending Tier 5 movie), I jumped at the chance to get it via hard copy media from that hard copy media connection of mine. And while I won’t have it nor The Last Ride to assess right away, I’ll have them on hand to assess by this time next week. Plus, I’ll most likely round out the 11 total movies by next weekend.

Of course, there is no guarantee that The Holdovers will get either of the spots that were vacated by both Saltburn and Next Goal Wins. But based on it being a movie that has the potential to be a jump-starter for the Catch-22 Hundred Project, it could very well be a holdover as a movie vying for the one of the final 60 Project spots.

Here’s to hoping that The Holdovers is the last such movie that I have to summon under the circumstances of recent widespread movie incompetence for the Catch-22 Hundred Project.