Multi-Dimensional Maria

There are two givens in life. Those are stress and how to cope with it. Everyone goes through stress. But everyone copes with it differently. My coping mechanism is drawing, a skill that I started to hone back in September of 2014. After showing Steve Kaycee my work, he wanted to showcase it for the whole world to see. I got my chance back in November of 2014. Unfortunately, the website had to be shut down temporarily. Additionally, the website that I showcased my work on has a totally different look and feel. But Steve wouldn’t let any of that deter my work from being shown. And now he has created a second chance for that to happen, on this site. Here on this page, you can see some of my work. It’s great to showcase my work once again, as well as being apart of this great community. I hope my work provides you with some joy in your day.