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         “Nog Report 06-05-20”

  Welcome to Day 712.

Today is a light yet eventful day for site news, so let’s begin.

First up, Premonition Man: The Sequel, Part 4 has been added to the Tats What’s Up! calendar, while A Darndest Thing That The 10-Year-Old Me Thought has moved to Inflindication.

Steve Kaycee’s second edition Fangtooth Fish Painted Rock is finally done, as it’s now available via his Etsy shop, SwaneWorld.

And finally, the first branch of the Art Infliction/Spenny product line has a new product, with it being the unisex t-shirt “The Path Of The Most Resistance”.

Well, that’s all for now.

Thank you and until next time, you have tuned into The Nog.