Experimental Revision: Part 1

A little over two years ago, I wrote a blog entry, entitled “Experimental Sequencing”, where I gave my opinion of which Sevendust song was their best one at a particular numerical spot and did so via utilizing their typical format of having 12 songs on an album. So, for example, I have “Praise” in the second-spot of that experimental Sevendust album and “The Truth” in the final spot of said album.

Of course, I wrote that entry a little over two years before Truth Killer came out and I have to say that one of that album’s songs has since caused me to revise my list of my experimental album. And as to what that song is, well it’s my favorite (Truth Killer song) “Messenger”, which is song 10 of that new album. And as to why it gets the best ten-spot in this revised experiment, well in addition to it being my favorite song on the new album, the combination of its slow-burn sound and Lajon Witherspoon’s Hall Of Fame vocals both take the category of “Sevendust’s late-album magic” to a whole new level. Plus, given the fact that Clint Lowery wasn’t a part of what I originally had (the song “Never”) in the ten-spot, I decided to make a new rule about this now revised experimental album, which is that each song must have the participation of all five (Witherspoon, Lowery, John Connolly, Vince Hornsby, Morgan Rose) original Sevendust members. So, given that Lowery also wasn’t a part of what I originally had (the song “Failure”) at the six-spot of that experimental album, I decided to put an original five members song in that spot as well.

Tune in exactly a week from now to find out what I chose to put in Failure’s spot.