Experimental Revision: Part 2

So last week, I blogged about taking the song “Never” out of the ten-spot for my version of a Sevendust one through twelve experimental album, as I wanted that spot to have a song that features all five of the original members, thus why I put “Messenger” in that spot. And of course, with that being said, I’m going to apply the same rule to the six-spot, as I originally had “Failure” there. But via this entry, that will no longer be the case, so let’s get right to this revision via the next paragraph.

Alright, so when it came to deciding upon an original five (Lajon Witherspoon, Clint Lowery, John Connolly, Vince Hornsby, Morgan Rose) Sevendust song that was/is in the six spot of all such albums, three such songs came to mind. And as to what they were, well they were 1] Prayer (the self-titled album), 2] Dead Set (Animosity) and 3] Cheers (All I See Is War). And not only were those three songs the ones that came to mind because in addition, they all came to mind for different reasons, which you can see via the chart below:

SongWhy it came to mind
PrayerYou can feel Witherspoon’s vocal delivery all throughout the song, and it’s my third favorite song on the self-titled album.
Dead SetIt’s the perfect follow-up to “Xmas Day” on the Animosity album via its hard rock sound.
CheersThis song is perfect after “Sickness” on the All I See Is War album. And speaking of Sickness, it’s in the fifth-spot in both versions of this experimental album.

Well, I cited my reasons for each of those songs making a strong case for the six-spot on the experimental album and none of them made this selection process easy. But since I wanted/needed something definitive for this experimental album, I eventually settled on one of them taking the spot of “Failure”. And as to what I settled on, well I settled on Dead Set, as A] That was my original choice after publishing the “Messenger” entry and B] It’s the perfect bridge between Sickness and “Skeleton Song” on the revised experimental album, from a sound standpoint.

So yeah, my now revised experimentally sequenced Sevendust album via the one through twelve format is 1. Black, 2. Praise, 3. Seasons, 4. Crucified, 5. Sickness, 6. Dead Set, 7. Skeleton Song, 8. Kill The Flaw, 9. Burned Out, 10. Messenger, 11. Gone and 12. The Truth. And now that I’ve made this revision, I should listen to those 12 songs via that particular one through twelve format. And since I bring up that format, those of you that have read this entry up to this point can vote on whether you agree with it or not via the poll below. 

Thank you, happy voting and rock on!

Which early 1990s Death Row Records album do you like more?