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For the third time since May 11, 2023, this page has a new entry, with it being part three of Steve Kaycee’s review for the money-making app, Receipt Jar, which you can see below.

“An App That’s ‘Jarring’!: Part 3”

Well everyone, this is the entry where I give you all the tutorials about Receipt Jar to see if it’s worth your time or not, so let’s get right to it via the next paragraph.

Okay, so for starters, there are two similarities [one of which I’ll cover towards the end of this entry] between this app and Receipt Hog, with the covered similarity in this paragraph being that this app accepts brick-and-mortar receipts from places such as Walmart, Target and your local grocery store. Now for the differences.

Okay, so when it comes to those elongated receipts from places such as Best Buy, FYE and Hooters, this app makes you take multiple pictures of those types of receipts, as it doesn’t lock onto the contents of those particular receipts in one shot like Receipt Hog does. Two, every receipt that you snap pictures of via this app has to be yours and yours alone, as any such receipt that includes your item(s) yet belongs to someone else is a violation of the Terms & Conditions. Three, this app has a game called “Shakes”, which allows you to add to your points total, so that you can convert your minimum points threshold [1,000 points] into either PayPal cash or a gift card; however, the Shakes game is sporadic unlike the Receipt Hog game “Hog Slots”. And four, this app will give you 100 points if you link your e-mail address with it, as they can subsequently [and retroactively] give you points from things such as Best Buy online purchases and Apple/Amazon rentals, although they award zero points for multiple same day Amazon rentals of equal value.

Overall, it took me exactly two months to reach my minimum points threshold, which I of course put towards $5 PayPal cash a.k.a. the second similarity between this app and Receipt Hog. However, the processing of that redemption is different compared to other money-making websites/apps, as this app will send you an e-mail notification two days after your initial redemption, so that you can redeem again. And of course, this is different, as such confirmed redemptions usually come via PayPal e-mail notifications.

All told, Receipt Jar won’t give you life-changing income, as it always takes time to make money with all money-making websites/apps. And of course, reaching 1,000 points many times over is next to impossible. But if you’re looking to go the many avenues of making money via the self-employment route, then I definitely recommend that you give Receipt Jar a try.