I’ve been a lifelong artist. I can always remember my great grandmother, squealing and saying that I would one day go to art school. I’d go to art school one day and practice shading in my Care Bear coloring books. I gained a lot of artistic knowledge in high school, by studying various traditional mediums. My favorite mediums are wheel thrown pottery, printmaking, and painting in acrylic. Although I did have a short stint in art school, I found myself to prefer free expression. Being in art school was a hard time for me. But I looked to tattooing as a permanent place for myself. And from that point on, I started to feel more complete as an artist. It’s hard to say who inspires me at this point. But I have people that I’m heavily influenced by. People such as Jody Dawber, Fred Astaire, Barbara Higgins-Bond, Vincent Price, Ty McEwen, and Kate Mackay Gill. As for what I want out of this, I just want to be respected as a good person and an artisan.

Here on my page, you can see pictures of tattoos that I’ve done, as well as some of my other artwork.

Enjoy and have a lovely day!