Chartchives, Circa 05-31-21

On March 15, 2021, we lost every archived Weekly Widget Pages widget rotation chart, due to that unfortunate glitch that Penzu caused for us.

But instead of us allowing that setback to junk the Weekly Widget Pages widget format, we instead decided to resume it on May 31, 2021. Plus, we started our first rotation in this resumption on June 14, 2021 via that day’s Nog Report.

Of course, most of the Nog Reports get archived on the five separate Nogchives pages via Webnode. And while we do appreciate Webnode for all that they have done for us, their feature in how we present rotation charts via a Nog Report leaves a lot to be desired. And given that we like to have all archived Nog Reports be word for word, that feature presents a bit of a challenge.

Or so we thought, as we have come up with a creative way to archive all rotation charts that date back to May 31, 2021, by both giving each such chart their own non-menu page on this website and archiving them via the hyperlinks below.

To see which chart that you want to re-read, simply click any of those hyperlinks below.

Thank you as always and have a wonderful day!

*Indicates Weekly Widget Pages that remained in that widget for a little too long

**Denotes chart that was embedded on the Sneak Leaks page