The New Rule

Starting April 29, 2022, all new Art Infliction pages will be inspected internally for the following:

  • Properly structured content
  • Viewable content on the live version(s) of each new page
  • Page URL irregularities

Each such inspection will occur after installation of new Art Infliction page(s), so that we can give all of you Art Infliction viewers the best viewing experience(s) possible. Plus, we want our ad provider, AdSense, to know that each prior (April 27, 2022 & April 28, 2022) internal page inspection was done with such intent and that each future internal page inspection will be done with such intent.

This rule is a self-imposed one and has been deemed as such for the best interests of all of us here at Art Infliction, AdSense and our viewers.

Thank you and have a nice day!