Tatu Joji

72939_218982604884015_494808867_n My life began in the Dominican Republic, the place where I was born. At the age of five, I came to the United States, as I moved to the state of Florida. My introduction to the tattoo world was with a needle and thread, tattooing a giant letter “G” on my chest. My mother saw it and asked me, “Who did that?” I answered, “I did.” She said, “Oh. Well, don’t do it again!” After she said that, I was like “Oh snap! I didn’t get a whooping or nothing.” Then I was like, “It’s on!” From that moment on, I was into tattoos, starting in 1997. My favorite style of tattoos are religious ones. They are popular on the west coast, a region of the United States that I’ve tattooed in. My favorite tattoo is Jesus Christ arm wrestling The Devil. Along with that battle scene are clouds and waterfalls behind Jesus, and a mountain with lava and a stream of thunder behind The Devil. In my career as a tattoo artist, I coined the phrase “InkFamous”, which means you are famous because of your ink. I’ve actually tattooed that word on well over 5,000 people in seven different states, tattooing it on a lot of people who support my movement and what it stands for. Self-driven is what best describes me. I’ve travelled from east coast to west coast. There’s no place that I don’t know.

Here on my page, you can see pictures of some of my work. So scroll down, check it out, and hopefully I can tattoo you someday.

Thank you and have a blessed day!