Steve Reacts

When it comes to sports blogging, Steve Kaycee tends to usually be a little too thematic with pages, such as Extra Sessions and The Bonus Round.

When it comes to updating blog pages, such as those two aforementioned pages, well then Steve Kaycee tends to make that process a little too slow-moving of a line.

But what if we told you that we here at Art Infliction have a page that counters both of those problems?

Yes, that’s right, we have yet another blog page (this one) that allows us to post entries, as well as help us better decide how we want to keep the blog page update line moving along.

Okay, so now that we’ve established why we launched this page, we will now establish the “how”, as in how this page will operate.

You see, Steve Kaycee is usually one to have a reaction to something, such as how he feels about the final outcome of a sporting event.

And for the first time since November 7, 2022, he has a reaction entry, with it being him reflecting on 300 completed weeks of the current Art Infliction era.

You can check it below.

“Steve Reflects: Achieving 300 Full Weeks Of The Current Art Infliction Era”

Time flies by in the blink of an eye, as it seems like it was just yesterday that the current Art Infliction era kicked off with “Prelude To Pain, Part 1”. Now it’s almost five years later and so much more has been added during these subsequent 2,099 days, such as getting input on positioning the Art Infliction logo the correct way and amassing 100 published movie reviews. 

Of course, those two things are just the tip of the iceberg because in addition, I’ve A] Collaborated on multiple Art Infliction projects with nearly 200 different people as far back as 2012, which was two years before the Art Infliction name even became a thing, B] Continuously learned on how to make the Art Infliction website presentable across the board, C] Met quite a few people that I now refer to as friends, D] Learned that my favorite Sevendust album is “All I See Is War”, and E] Appreciated a movie that I once shunned, with that movie being “The Bounce Back”. And there are more things after those five, but it’d take me all week to mention them via this entry. Maybe I can mention some of those other things in a part two.

Yes, the 2,100 consecutive days prior to today are the most productive consecutive 2,100 days in my entire life, and that’s due in large part to the dedication that has been put towards the current Art Infliction era. And while I know today is no day to drop the mic on all that has been accomplished thus far, I’m going to spend some of today basking in the fact that the current Art Infliction era has lasted 300 full weeks. But I won’t let that get to my head because I know that there is still more to accomplish, and progress is never achieved when one allows all of the accolades get to their head.

Keep Art Infliction progressing!