A Heads Up!

Welcome to A Heads Up!, the page where we inform you all about Art Infliction features that are slated for discontinuation.

Currently, nothing is slated for discontinuation.

However, we currently do have content of a different kind on this page, in the form of Steve Kaycee’s official decision about what his next two tattoos will be, with the first pending one being The Coraline Cat and the second pending one being the Bayside Tigers Logo from the show Saved By The Bell.

He’s excited to get them both and there has been some early external buzz about him getting the former of the two. So, with the latter of those two things being said, you can bask in Steve’s excitement, by voting on which of the two tattoos that you are most excited about him getting via the poll below.

Thank you, enjoy and have a nice day!

Which of Steve Kaycee's next two tattoos are you most excited about him getting?