The Bonus Round

On occasion, Steve Kaycee has had problems in blogging about things in timely fashion, such as his reaction to the 2019 World Series matchup between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros.

But after one of Art Infliction’s most innovative minds has come up with a way to never allow such problems to ever happen again via this page. Especially when Extra Sessions keeps getting overbooked with constant entries.

And with that being said, the problem has been solved yet again, with his blog entry about whether he agrees with the notion of Emilia Clarke potentially replacing Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2.

Check it out and enjoy!

**This entry has occasional usage of adult words. Discretion is advised.

“Heard Might Not Be The Word”

                                               For those of you that don’t already know, Amber Heard appears to be the guilty one in that whole domestic dispute between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp. And given what I keep finding out about the case, it makes her look bad in all of this. And of course, that’s a shame because I like several of her movies, including Aquaman. 

Matter of fact, she’s a big reason why I like that movie, as I liked her playing the character Mera. And with that being said, that brings me to the next point, which is there’s a possibility that she could be replaced for the upcoming Aquaman sequel, which of course has led to multiple articles and videos about which actresses could be best suited to replace her in that role.

Emilia Clarke’s name has been thrown around quite a bit for the simple fact that she had previously worked with Aquaman star Jason Momoa on Games Of Thrones, which of course could bring more fans to the sequel and possibly beyond. And while I do want a sequel, I’ve only seen a real small sample size of Emilia Clarke’s work (Last Christmas, Terminator Genisys). And based on what I’ve seen of those two movies (I’ve never seen a second of Game Of Thrones), she wouldn’t be my first choice for Mera, simply because she doesn’t possess the “wow” factor that Amber Heard possessed in the first Aquaman movie. 

Matter of fact (and with all due respect to Emilia Clarke), she wouldn’t be in my top five for actresses to replace Amber Heard in that role, as I have a list of the five that I want to see in the sequel, should Warner Bros. decide to go in a different direction. The names and why each one should be Mera are listed via the chart below:

ActressWhy I think she should be Mera
Alexandra DaddarioShe has the experience of being in movies based on a book series (Percy Jackson), as well as the experience of being in the big-name movies San Andreas and Baywatch. She’s also had blonde streaks in her for the movie Lost Transmissions, so her having a different hair color in a movie isn’t a novel concept. She also seems like an actress that should be in a Marvel Comics or DC Comics movie, based on her knack for playing resilient characters.
Dianna AgronShe has that sexy sultry voice inflection that Amber Heard had in the first Aquaman movie. Plus, she has experience in the action adventure category as one of the main characters in I Am Number Four.
Taylor SchillingLike Dianna Agron, she has that sexy sultry voice inflection. Plus, she had a different hair color in the 2014 movie “Stay”. 
Anna CampShe seems like an actress that belongs in some kind of aquatic-themed movie. Plus, how cool would it be to have an actress from an acapella trilogy in an Aquaman sequel?
Emily BluntOf the five names in this chart, she has the biggest name. And she’s no stranger to kicking butt and taking names, as she was totally convincing in A Quiet Place.

Agree with any of the names in the chart above? Well you can vote on which of them you feel could be the right choice in replacing Amber Heard via the poll below. 

Thank you and stay tuned to what decision that Warner Bros. comes to.

Which actress would you like to see replace Amber Heard if she doesn't reprise her role as Mera in Aqauman 2?