The Bonus Round

On occasion, Steve Kaycee has had problems in blogging about things in timely fashion, such as his reaction to the 2019 World Series matchup between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros.

But after one of Art Infliction’s most innovative minds has come up with a way to never allow such problems to ever happen again via this page. Especially when Extra Sessions keeps getting overbooked with constant entries.

And after a little over two months of this page being de-activated, it’s back in the form of Steve Kaycee’s blog entry about whether to get tattooed during the pandemic. You can check it out below.

Thank you, enjoy and have an awesome day!

“Tatdemic: To Get Tattooed Or Not During The Pandemic, Part 1”

          Of late in the Kaycee And The Forefront format, I’ve blogged about this whole woke/cancel culture/social justice warrior/cultural appropriation cluster, as I feel that that entire cluster has gotten ridiculous. And given that I keep hearing about such ridiculousness a lot lately, it’s like I’ve become the Art Infliction version of Bill Maher, in terms of addressing it on a regular basis. And just like Bill Maher, I’m getting tired of always talking about it, whether publicly or privately. And while it’s my choice to blog about whatever I want, I also feel that there will be a time that I’m going to blog about this cluster again.

However, I’m going to change gears a bit, as I’ll instead blog about something that I haven’t blogged as much, with that something being the pandemic. And not just the pandemic itself, as I’ll delve into something that I’m debating. And as to what that something is, well it’s whether to get tattooed during the pandemic or not.

You see, it’s been almost two and a half years since my last tattoo. And while I have slowed down significantly both then and during the past five-plus years overall, there are still pieces that I want, as I still have open space on my body to get the pieces that I still want.

Of course, I have gone on record with wanting a portrait of Lajon Witherspoon tattooed on me. And while that remains the tattoo that I most want at this particular stage of my tattoo life, the process of finding the artist that I want to tattoo it on me remains ongoing with no resolution in sight. Especially when there’s the possibility of having to get some of the Freddy Jackson tattoo lasered off, as that tattoo is in the spot (right side of my lower back) where I want my Lajon Witherspoon tattoo to go. 

However, that piece is of course far from the only one I want, as I also have a couple pieces that I want in addition to that one.

Tune in two weeks from now to find out about what one of the additional wanted pieces will be.