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The questions are written in bold:

What is Art Infliction?  Art Infliction is a variety website that blogs about things such as art, tattooing, and life in general. In addition, it aspires change for the better.

When was Art Infliction established?  Art Infliction was established in 2014.

What’s The Nog?  The Nog is our weekly site news section.

What does When It Began entail?  That’s a small biography of Art Infliction owner Steve Kaycee.

Where are the blog entries?  They are in the While & After section, via subpages.

What’s Tatt-A-Lanche?  That’s the page that features Steve Kaycee’s massive collection of tattoos.

Do you have YouTube videos?  Yes, you can find them on our Tubin page.

What’s Entity Credits?  That’s the page where we give credit to every entity whose services that we use for hosting and commercialized purposes.

Why is the logo a dog?  The logo is a dog, because Steve Kaycee has stated many times that his first beloved dog, Suzie, was his choice for the company mascot. So to honor that statement, Steve decided to have the dog be the logo. Plus, the tradition continues with his second beloved dog, Penny.

What’s Write Track?  That’s our charitable foundation.

What does Terms & Conditions entail?  That’s the section for our guest bloggers that clearly states what we don’t allow as content in their entries.

Where is the Terms & Conditions page?  In this section, via a subpage.

You make a mention of a site sidebar, but what can I do to see it in the event that I’m unable to see it on my phone and/or tablet? There is a difference between how the sidebar widgets for people who see this site on their computers, and their phones and/or tablets. For people who see this site using their computers, you will find all the widgets on the site sidebar. However, that is not applicable to people who see this site using their phones and/or tablets, as the appearance of the widgets are instead near or at the bottom of this site.

Why are there weird gaps on some of the pages?  The weird gaps are from when we changed our ad placement on this site. The ads break up the text on quite a few of the pages and because of that, you’ll find those weird gaps on the pages that don’t have the ads, as the ads don’t show up on all of our pages.

Why does the Suggestion Box link take me to a page that has the word “guestbook” on it?  We decided to use the guestbook format for the Suggestion Box, as we felt it was the best and most effective way to enable such a feature. Plus, it prevents spam and/or inappropriate comments from being written and seen in the site widget.

Is there an additional way to find subpages without all that cursor toggling?  Yes there is. Just simply go the Sub Access page on our main menu, as that page lists all of the subpage names in the form of hyperlinked words.