Miss any of Steve Kaycee’s book reviews during the entirety of their air weeks?

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To see which reviews are indeed syndicated on this page, simply view the numbered list below.

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*Denotes review that was on the Steve’s Reads page for two full weeks

  1. Book Of The Week: Shaq Talks Back. Week Of Review Airing: 06/22/20 Through 06/28/20
  2. Book Of The Week: More Than A Game. Week Of Review Airing: 06/29/20 Through 07/05/20
  3. Book Of The Week: The Rose That Grew Through Concrete. Week Of Review Airing: 07/06/20 Through 07/12/20
  4. Book Of The Week: The Winner Within. Week Of Review Airing: 04/25/22 Through 05/01/22
  5. Book Of The Week: Lord Of The Flies. Week Of Review Airing: 05/02/22 Through 05/15/22*