Ever since 2013, Steve Kaycee has garnered plenty of attention for the amount of tattoos that he has amassed.

The amount has earned him the nickname “The Collector.”

And on this page, you can his enormous collection of tattoos, in the gallery below.


**Note: The pictures of tattoos 76 (Michael Jordan Jump Shot silhouette), 98 (Praise in orange lettering), 143 (the word “DEFY” in the shape of a dagger), 144 (the two white stars), 147 (the multi-colored jaguar spot), 155 (the fox with pink in its tail), 175 (Streex The Street Shark), 186 (the silver ball with the number “5” in it), 193 (the multi-colored eyes) and 254 (the face of the cat with the name “Pumpkin” above it) all either show up partially in their respective pictures or don’t show up in their respective pictures at all except when they are clicked on.

**Note: The sole purpose of the gallery on this page is to showcase it from an artistic standpoint. However, discretion is advised.