Cool Blurbs

All of us here at Art Infliction have had uniquely cool experiences throughout our lives, but they almost never get published for all of the viewers to see.

That is until now, as this page gives you the opportunity to learn about such experiences for the very first time via the form of blurbs.

Currently, there is one blurb on this page via the bullet point and bold text below.

Check it out!

  • “So one day back in mid-August 2021, I was walking my dog in my then-neighborhood and there was this young guy with his two kids going the opposite direction. Usually, I walk past people going in the opposite direction, because I’m the type who goes about his business. But my dog got excited by the sight of those two kids, so she ran right over to them and they were equally excited at the sight of her. The young guy noticed this, so he asked me if his kids could pet my dog , as he also told me that they love dogs, and I said ‘Yeah, absolutely!’. Of course, they went on to pet her and enjoyed every second of it. It was so cool seeing my dog bring joy to those two kids. Their father noticed this as well, so he thanked me for allowing them to pet my dog before we went our separate ways.” -Steve Kaycee