To Blog Or Not To Blog

From March 15, 2021 through March 27, 2021, Art Infliction’s top content contributor, Steve Kaycee, went through the grueling process of proofreading and/or editing countless back-up copies of Art Infliction blog entries that Penzu (the website that we used to archive most of our blog entries on) suddenly denied accessibility to. And of course, Penzu did this for reasons that remain unknown.

Through it all, Steve worked tirelessly to restore Art Infliction to mostly what it was prior to the Penzu snafu via posting everything that he could onto LiveJournal, despite the constant frustration that he was feeling about something that was no fault of his own.

So now comes the question of whether to blog or not to blog, in terms of whether he should write an honest blog entry about Penzu or not, which of course is something that he himself is seriously contemplating.

But of course, he’s also uncertain about whether to go through with it or not, and that’s where you (the viewers) come into play, by helping him with his uncertainty via the poll below. And remember, no vote is a wrong vote.

Thank you as always for the continued support, happy voting and have a wonderful day!

Should Steve Kaycee write an honest blog about Penzu?