When Depth Is Diminished, It’s Time To Replenish!: Part 5

I thought that I wouldn’t have to write a blog entry today, as the plan was to knock out four movie assessments, so that I can finally get a clear path to evaluate Easy A. However, the mentality of wanting competent fallback options to match the number of 2023 theatrical assessments (six) remains, thus this shell game of rounding out the 2,140 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots could go beyond this coming New Year’s Eve. I guess I can thank Saving Mr. Banks, School Dance, Deadfall, The Horse Whisperer and Within for not even being viable fallback options.

Of course, the four pre-2023 movies (The Journey Of Natty Genn, Sueno, Hunt To Kill, Unintended) that I have up for assessment are potentially four very competent fallback options, thus giving them a possible leg up to be among the final 60 Catch-22 Hundred movies, in the event that five of the upcoming 2023 movies pass their assessments. However, those four movies don’t cover the entire plan, as A] A fifth pre-2023 movie is needed to match up with either Trolls Band Together, Wish, Wonka, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom or Migration and B] Two pre-2023 movies will be needed for my counter plan to the movies Poor Things and Napoleon. And of course, with both Points A and B being said, three such movies have been selected. And since the total is three movies, well you can find out which ones that they are via the chart:

MovieWhy it has been chosen
Phone BoothIt’s been a while since a movie with Tia Texada has been seen. It’s high time that that drought comes to an end.
At Eternity’s GateWillem Dafoe gets the rare feat of being in movies with both Keanu Reeves and Oscar Isaac, the latter of whom appears in this movie.
Margin CallMovies that are about or reference the 2008 financial crisis are 3-for-3 in making the Project, thus making this one a tough ouster come both selection protocols.

So yeah, all seven pre-2023 movies cover most of the plan, as tomorrow’s blog entry will present a twist in this ongoing movie assessment schedule. 

To be continued.