When Depth Is Diminished, It’s Time To Replenish!: Part 2

For nearly 24 hours, my plan of filling overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots was coming together nicely, as Spirit Untamed, The Fallout, Donnybrook and An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin each showed me quality of deserving to be in the Project. But then Lady Macbeth happened, as that movie just fell apart towards the end. And that wasn’t all because in addition, I was feeling less confident about The Last Of The Mohicans and its chances of making the Project, as I found myself unimpressed with its execution exactly one week after I gave it a full-on assessment. So, with all of that being said, I realized that I needed to find A] One movie that can get the fifth or sixth overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot in Tier 12 almost immediately, and B] Find a movie that can be the one to take the overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot that is expected to be revoked from The Creator. 

To be continued.