The 10 Yet To Be Assessed Big-Name Movies, Circa 04/05/23

Throughout my 35 years (I started back in 1988) of watching movies, I have seen a lot of the big-name movies, whether they were brand new like The Hitman’s Bodyguard or something (John Wick) that took me almost a decade to see. You name it and chances are that I have seen it.

But of course, it’s impossible to have seen all of the big-name movies, whether it’s A) Not getting around to seeing them, B) Being on the fence about seeing them or C) Not having any interest in seeing them. And believe me, there are a lot of them that are appliable to Point C, but that’s another entry for another day.

Of course, I’ve been spending the past 41 days trying to find movies for the Two ThouCentennial Project, whether for overall guaranteed spots 2,023 through 2,047 or down the road for the Final 53 overall guaranteed spots. And as to how it’s going for both those aspects, well I’ve amassed nine movies for the former, while really struggling to find candidates for the latter. 

But I’ll keep trying between now and the final Saturday of this month, as I want to resume with evaluating movies at that point and without any more self-inflicted disruptions. And since I got some time before my goal of the final Saturday of this month, I might as well at least blog about 10 big-name movies that I haven’t seen before and with the outside chance of seeing any of them before the final Saturday of the month. And as to what they are, well you can see them via the chart below and accompanied by at least one reason why I will eventually assess them.

MovieWhy I will eventually assess it
The KidThis is a “heartstrings” assessment, as it’s sad how quickly that Bruce Willis has deteriorated. 
Ocean’s 11I assessed Logan Lucky (another heist movie directed by Steven Soderbergh), so might as well assess this one.
Ocean’s 12See one spot above. Plus, it’s the first sequel to the aforementioned Ocean’s 11.
Ocean’s 13See two spots above. Plus, it’s the second sequel to the aforementioned Ocean’s 11.
What Lies BeneathThis movie kept falling through the cracks, despite it getting highly recommended. But a movie that boasts Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer as both its leads will no longer be overlooked.
Something’s Gotta GiveIt’s been a while since Amanda Peet has had a movie of hers assessed. Plus, Keanu Reeves has been trending upwards since the success of the John Wick franchise making the Two ThouCentennial Project.
The Butterfly EffectAs far back as 2007, this movie has constantly fallen through the cracks. But thanks to a recent external recommendation, it makes this particular chart.
ChangelingThis is Clint Eastwood’s other 2008 movie that he directed, as we all know what his other one is, with that other one being Gran Torino. And since that movie is an enshrined Two ThouCentennial movie, this one needs to get assessed.
DreamcatcherIt’s rare to have a movie where Morgan Freeman is the bad guy. But given his successful track record with both Wanted and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, this one is definitely worthy of an assessment.
Good Morning, VietnamThis is the movie that put the late Robin Williams on the map as a movie actor, and has been highly recommended for quite some time. And given all of that, it’s the last one that will be a part of this chart.

So yeah, those are the 10 big-name movies that I came up with for ones that I haven’t seen yet. And given how much assessment time that I have before the final Saturday of this month, I could very well see some of them between now and then.