Steve Reviews: Wordle

When it comes to all of the websites/apps that I’ve tested both during my career and even before my career became official, I posted all such reviews on the Apps-A-Lutey page and all such reviews were about websites/apps that help(ed) make/made money. And of course, with that being said, I’ll have more reviews about money-making websites/apps in the future, as a couple of them (reviews) are in the works right now.

However, this entry isn’t that type of entry, as I’ll be venturing into something different this time around. And as to what that something different is, well it’s my review of the online word game, Wordle. 

Released in October 2021 and acquired by The New York Times in January 2022, Wordle (for those of you that have little to no familiarity with it) is a game that gives you six chances to come up with the five-letter word of the day. And not only does it give you those six chances because in addition, it has a color-coding system, where A] Green means that the letter is in the correct spot that you guessed it in, B] Yellow means a letter that’s in the word but isn’t in the spot that you initially guessed it in and C] Gray means that the letter that you guessed at any point isn’t in the word of the day at all.

Of course, I’m not an avid Wordle player like my father is, but I’ve dabbled in the game eight times total and I’ve gotten the word of the day each and every time. However, I forgot what my initial regular “process of elimination” word was during my sixth Wordle game, so I used the word “SKIRT” during that game and got the correct word (EXERT) on my fourth try. Plus, I forgot my initial regular “process of elimination” word during both my seventh and eighth games, so I used the noun “KELLY” and the word “TRACK” during those games, respectively. Oh yeah, and if anyone is wondering why I used the noun “KELLY” as a “process of elimination” word, well then Saved By The Bell will answer that question for you.

Overall, what I think of Wordle is that it’s a good brain-exercise type game and one that I will partake in more on a regular basis, especially since both watching crappy movies and pre-writing social media related blog entries have sapped the mental energy out of me. So yes, I totally recommend that you give a Wordle a chance, as partaking in it could give your brain much needed exercise.

P.S. Here are all of my screenshot outcomes from all of the Wordle games that I’ve played thus far