Saved By Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Shemar Moore & Nadine Velazquez

When it comes to determining overall guaranteed Flickuum Project spots, unique and innovative ways to do as such always seem to come out of the woodwork, whether it’s a movie making it to Tier 5 tournament style or a new/fairly new movie failing its assessment, so that a movie like “The Charnel House” can ultimately be one of the 2,300 enshrined Project movies. And of course, with all of that being said, yet another way of determining another overall guaranteed Flickuum spot was decided two days ago, with it being that one new/fairly new movie will be exempt from the arduous selection process of the final Flickuum spots, thus the page name “100 Stand” being deemed obsolete. And as to why a movie will be exempt from that arduous selection process, well there’s a possibility that either “Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas” or “The Bounce Back” could serve as the final evaluation, thus a movie could get the 2,201st overall guaranteed Flickuum spot. However, that possibility seems unlikely, as those two movies are way too dynamic to wait that long. Besides, it would be fun to find out sooner rather than later if one or both of those movies will outrank “Babe” a.k.a. The Flickuum’s current number one movie or not. 

Of course, the possibility of exempting one new/fairly new movie from that arduous selection process just can’t quietly go away, thus one such movie will be granted that exemption, regardless. But it can’t be just any movie, as A] It needs to be a movie that totally wows in its assessment and B] It needs to be a movie that can beat the January 1, 2025 deadline.

Stay tuned.