Replenished Via Vudu, And One Last Nadine Velazquez Assessment

Trying to fill overall guaranteed Flickuum spots has been a major struggle in 2024, as only “The Iron Claw” and “True Memoirs Of An International Assassin” have been the only successfully assessed movies this year. However, they both won’t be accredited as overall guaranteed Flickuum movies until A] The former gets hard copy confirmation or a hard copy listing on a website, such as Amazon and B] The latter is obtained via hard copy to take the vacated Flickuum spot of “Godzilla Minus One”, which will begin on Wednesday. And as to why I say Wednesday when it comes to the latter? Well, I want to get the assessments of both “A Perfect Pairing” and “Chicken Run: Dawn Of The Nugget” completed before then, as I look to possibly catch four hard copy attainments (True Memoirs Of An International Assassin and “Killers Of The Flower Moon” are the other two) at the same time. And should such an attempt become successful, then they will all join “The Iron Claw” in the 2,156 through 2,160 protocol of the Project.

Of course, that protocol is being held up by my inability to get four competent movies for the “Next Goal Wins spot-fill tournament”. As a matter of fact, the dwindling of options has become so bad that I spent a few hours this past Friday looking for viable movies on the app, Vudu, in hopes that I can find some potentially good movies on there for once. And viable/potentially good movies I did find (10 to be exact), so the odds in quickly rounding out the tournament field could finally go in my favor. So, with that being said, I will mention them via the typical chart format, which you can see below:

MovieWhy it was chosen via Vudu
FlyboysI kept overlooking this movie ever since it was released 18 years ago. And although James Franco has been mostly a laughingstock since Pineapple Express, I’m interested to see how he does in a period piece movie that was released before 2008.
PiranhaThis is the movie that paved the way for both Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD, so might as well take a flier on it.
The Last ChampionThis movie has been on and off The Flickuum radar since early 2021. Vudu puts it back on the radar.
Jacknife11 years after “The Deer Hunter”, Robert De Niro returns in another movie about Vietnam and has Ed Harris as one of his cast mates. The two legendary actors appearing on screen together is totally worth the assessment.
Rob The MobAnother R-Rated movie that features Ray Romano? Sign me up!
TranssiberianThis movie has been hailed as one of Woody Harrelson’s best and Vudu finally presents the opportunity for it to be assessed.
White LionThis movie has vibes of the 1989 movie “Cheetah”.
Girl Meets BoyIt’s time to see if Anna Pheil has what it takes to be a part of The Flickuum Project.
Speed DatingDavid Hayman needs more movies in the Project.
New York, I Love YouThe presence of Rachel Bilson could impact this movie positively just like how Dianna Agron positively impacted “Berlin, I Love You”.

Yes, those are 10 very viable movies. However, one of them could be bumped out of the four that could very well make the upcoming tournament, as I added the Nadine Velazquez movie “The Charnel House” via Tubi, due to A] Me not having faith in the movie “Clarity” passing its assessment, B] Me needing a rebound after the letdown that was “All’s Faire In Love” and C] It having the potential to be neck-and-neck with her other 2016 horror movie, which is “Within”. So, with all of that being said, 11 movies will be battling for four tournament spots and I’m certain that four of them will connect.

Tune in later this week to find out if four of the 11 do indeed connect.