Previewing The Path To 1,100 A.K.A. The Halfway Point

On January 16, 2016, I decided to expand this favorite movies project of mine to 1,000, as I knew that a lot more worthy movies would be coming down the pike to eventually join something that started with Wildcats nearly a decade before that decision was made. Furthermore, this also gave me the first official name for this project, as I settled on the title “Batting A Thousand”.

Of course, I had no idea when I would get there nor did I have any idea of which movie that I would evaluate to get there. However, I eventually got my answers on November 23, 2023, as I reached the 1,000 completed movie evaluations plateau with the Zac Efron movie “We Are Your Friends” during the wee hours.

Of course, looking back on that game-changing January day, I had no idea that more expansions and name changes would occur for this project. But that’s what happens when a plethora of worthy movies all come down the pike, thus A] Batting A Thousand changing to “Thousand & Jackson” and B] Thousand & Jackson changing to “Elite 1100” before the name ultimately became Catch-22 Hundred. So, with the last part of the previous sentence being said, we now embark upon the end of the first half of this project, thus begging the question “Which movies will be a part of this particular type of history?”.

Well, given the mixed emotions that I always have with increments of 100 movie evaluations reaching their conclusions, I figured that the movie “S.W.A.T.” would be perfect to follow We Are Your Friends since S.W.A.T. has that knack for making things feel normal again. And of course, that’s just the beginning, as A] 1,002 will be Aladdin And The King Of Thieves for thriving in its assessment almost immediately after We Are Your Friends did, B] 1,003 will be Music And Lyrics since October 3 is the birthday of Sevendust lead singer Lajon Witherspoon and I want a music-themed movie in that spot, C] 1,005 will be the movie “Life” since October 5 was the birthday of the late Bernie Mac, D] 1,010 will be Get Him To The Greek since October 10 is the birthday of Mario Lopez, E] 1,020 will be a Samuel L. Jackson movie since 1,020 was what I had in mind with the then-Thousand & Jackson name change, F] 1,031 will be Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween since October 31 is Halloween, G] The history-making movie via being 1,100 will be How To Be Single since that movie is the ultimate non-Top 100 movie that can (and will) hold the entire Project together and H] 1,099 will be The Street King since that movie can work perfectly in tandem with How To Be Single.

Overall, the path to 1,100 is partially laid out, as the grand total of 382 unranked movies [that are present to be evaluated] will certainly give me a lot to work with between now and most likely late-December. But as always, I look forward to adding to something that began with Wildcats and has been rounded out to 1,000 via We Are Your Friends.

It’s time to hit two name-change numbers in one increment of 100, starting either tonight or the wee hours of tomorrow morning.