Post-Revvin’ For 2,047!: Part 3

Remember the catchy McDonald’s phrase “Pick 2” that was accompanied by a hip hop beat in the commercials, and was even used to describe Eric Berry’s game-winning two-point conversion via an interception return against the Atlanta Falcons back in 2016? Well, that phrase also extends to the next protocol of granting official overall guaranteed Flickuum movies, as only two moved up to Tier 5 this last time around. And since there were only two, I won’t use a chart format this time around, which means I’ll blog which movies were the two and how they got overall guaranteed Flickuum spots via the next paragraph.

Alright, so I did two fallback option spot-fill tournaments during July 2023, in the event that both Asteroid City and No Hard Feelings failed their assessments. And as to which two movies won those two fallback option spot-fill tournaments, well Tron won the Asteroid City fallback option spot-fill tournament and North Hollywood won the No Hard Feelings fallback option spot-fill tournament. However, just because those two movies won their respective spot-fill tournaments doesn’t mean that they both moved up to Tier 5, as both 2023 movies (Asteroid City, No Hard Feelings) had the right to get official overall guaranteed Flickuum spots 2,076 and 2,077, with the former being assessed on 07/06/23 and the latter being assessed on 07/13/23. And sure enough, both assessments were eventually done on their respective days, but with uneven results, as Asteroid City went on to be one of the worst 2023 movies that I’ve seen thus far, while No Hard Feelings showed that it can possibly outrank Winter’s Bone in The Flickuum rankings sometime down the road.

Alright, so Tron and No Hard Feelings were the two movies that officially got overall guaranteed Flickuum spots 2,076 and 2,077, therefore adding to the possibilities of movies battling it out March Madness style.

Tune in next Monday to the first graduation of movies that made The Project sports roster style.