Oscar (Isaac) Winners, And Possibly Saved By Camilla Belle

 In my last two blog entries, I mentioned At Eternity’s Gate being one of six confirmed viable movies for the vacated Catch-22 Hundred spots of either Saltburn or Next Goal Wins, thus making my task in rounding out the 11 total movies vying for those two spots a little less arduous. However, the ranking structure in Tier 12 (where At Eternity’s Gate is ranked 18th out of 91) is way too time-consuming to restructure, thus making it ineligible to compete against both Melissa Barrera-Jenna Ortega “Scream” movies, The Land, Richard Jewell and Silent Night in what is the field of viable movies. So with that being said, another movie has to be assessed to join those five movies in the eventual group of 11 total viable movies. And sure enough, I have just the movie in Life Itself, which features the ultra-talented Oscar Isaac in the lead role, thus making it way more substantial than his role in At Eternity’s Gate. And given what he’s proven as the lead in The Promise, Operation Finale and A Most Violent Year, I have no doubt that he’ll lead this movie into that group of viable movies.

Of course, Life Itself is only one half of the equation, as Marie Avgeropoulos can’t seem to buy a fourth Catch-22 Hundred movie, as Numb became the most recent movie of hers to fail its assessment, thus another competent movie has to be assessed to take its place in that group of viable movies. But of course, with that being said, pickings in finding a competent movie ended up being slim, from the standpoint of an eye candy appeal actress being principal among the cast. Or so I thought, as my investigation into Camilla Belle’s filmography led to the movie The Chumbscrubber, a movie that gives off vibes of Thirteen, Charlie Bartlett and Crazy, Stupid, Love, which are all enshrined Catch-22 Hundred movies. So, given that vibe roll-up, along with both her presence and her character being different from the type of character that she typically plays, it’s a movie that has the potential to make this field of 11 combined viable movies strong across the board, which is ultimately a goal that will go towards an even bigger goal.

Here’s to hoping that no more groundhog days (No, not the awesome Bill Murray movie) of ongoing movie incompetence will rear its head anytime soon.