Nothing Exceeds Like (Certain) Excessive Coverage, Part 1

**Note: The following could be deemed upsetting, so you can leave this page if you want. Plus, discretion is advised

When it comes to having multiple sub-items within a news item, followed by such an occurrence presumed to be the only item in an upcoming (today’s) Nog Report, I usually create some content that’s completely independent of said item to have a much more structured report. And of course, with that being said, I have decided to write this entry, due in (a very small) part to that. And as to why I say due in (a very small) part to that, well something has been on my mind since this past Monday (April 10), and that is the excessive amount of coverage that the news networks spend reporting about each and every mass shooter, whether it was that guy who killed all those elementary school kids back in 2012 or the former bank employee who went on a shooting spree four days ago in the state of Kentucky. And it’s on my mind because the excessive amount of coverage does more harm than good. And there is more than one reason why that’s the case.

Tune in a week from now to find out all those reasons.