My Intro To Art: Katrina Felder

Steve: At what age did you begin doing your art?

Katrina: 19. I started painting as a hobby in college to relax.

Steve: Has this hobby led to a career of sorts or is it still just a hobby?

Katrina: I still do it as a form of therapy. It’s just a hobby.

Steve: What types of art do you do and what are the things that use in your color pallet, i.e. paint and colors?

Katrina: I do some mathematical pieces in Excel and use acrylic on canvas for more abstract pieces that I do. I have just recently started branching into more realistic pieces.

Steve: Any place where people can see your work?

Katrina: No. I used to have a website and I could set it up again easily, but I never sold anything, so I let go. I used Artspan. They are awesome.

Steve: Any advice to any up-and-coming artist?

Katrina: Yes, do it for the love of creating something. It will be its own reward and failure is inevitable. It will make you a stronger, more versatile artist.