My Intro To Art: DrkPrincess

Steve: At what age did you first start getting into art?

DrkPrincess: 11.

Steve: What made you want to pursue art?

DrkPrincess: I went to a museum and so all this amazing art, so I started drawing to avoid my parents fighting and being drunk all the time.

Steve: What style(s) of art are you known for?

DrkPrincess: Dark art, portraits, and Native American.

Steve: Can your work be seen online?

DrkPrincess: I have pictures on Facebook, but I have set myself as hidden at the moment.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish?

DrkPrincess: To finish college in one piece.

Steve: How do you hope to inspire others?

DrkPrincess: With sharing the story of my life, I hope that it inspires someone to never give up when it seems like that it’s dark.