My Intro To Art: Amanda Crews

Steve: What inspired you to put forth your impressive array of work?

Amanda: I am a quiet person, and I have always been creative, and I like to color and draw. So while everyone else was out having fun, i was inside drawing and coloring in my own little world. There has never been any one inspiration. It’s just years of seeing the beauty around me and perfecting my own skills, although I am not always pleased with my own work (lol).

Steve: Any future projects?

Amanda: Not any big projects. I have recently (1/28/17) picked up my pencils and pens, and began to doodle again. We will just have to see where it leads.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish?

Amanda: Personal relaxation and stress reduction. I get lost when I am drawing or coloring and I can block everything out. There is a peace that I find at the end of a pen and/or pencil.

Steve: How do you hope to inspire others?

Amanda: I love to see young people that love to color and draw. It makes me smile. So if I can inspire a child or teenager to just pick up a pencil, a crayon or something and try to draw…who knows. They could be the greatest artist of their time. I usually carry something to draw on in my purse so if I am in a waiting room or somewhere and if I have time to draw, then I do exactly that. And often people who are around me will watch or comment on what I am doing. Only if people ask will I show them other things that I have drawn (lol). And sometimes I give them one of my drawings if they seem very interested in a particular one.