Having A Dog Named Penny? Priceless!: Part 3

So after setting foot in Blue Heron on the second Tuesday of April 2018, I showed Mary (John was tattooing someone else) a reference point of Penny (see the picture below), which caused her to say, “Oh, she’s so cute”, followed by A) Me saying that I wanted just her (Penny’s) face and her name along with it as the tattoo, and B) Me showing her (Mary) the spot (my left triceps) where I had wanted it, as I wanted it to be in a spot for everyone to see. And as to what Mary said about Point B, well she said that it was feasible after taking a measurement of my aforementioned left triceps, thus her accepting the assignment on John’s behalf. We then agreed to the first Tuesday of May 2018 as the day of the appointment.

Tune in tomorrow to the session of it.