Gone Jellyfishin’…Again: Part 1

Well, it’s been three years, seven months, one week and one day since I blogged about the regret that was my tattoo of The Eye Of Horus. And after all this time, I can finally blog about getting it covered up. But before I delve into that, let me first tell you all briefly why I regret that tattoo.

You see, on the day (second Saturday of June 2015) that I decided to cover up that cheesy “WWF” tattoo, I also decided to cover up my tattoo of The Eye Of Horus, as that one was also directly (see origin here) inspired by the girl that deliberately allowed the Facebook message that I sent her to get lost in translation. But unlike the aforementioned “WWF” tattoo, I had nothing thought up as an idea for what I could cover up The Eye Of Horus tattoo with. Well, at least not right away, as my trip to Avalon Ink Haus on the third Tuesday of June 2015 brought forth the perfect idea.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what that idea was.