Flickasbord, Volume 55

**Note: The following content has adult wording. Discretion is advised

After going back and forth about The Flickuum future for two very particular movies, I’ve finally reached my decision on them, thus making the logjam of movies vying for the 2,101 through 2,200 selection protocol a little less crowded. Let’s begin.

First up, after trying some ridiculously desperate measures in trying to get hard copy confirmation for the movie “Sister”, I realized that that desperation was pointless, as the 2014 movie (featuring Nadine Velazquez) has too weird of a fit with all 13 of her Flickuum movies, especially with it coming chronologically after “Snitch”. So, with most of that being said, the former of the two movies will return to its number one spot on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, which is also a retroactive win for “Do Revenge”.

Next up on my 2024 theatrical tour is “Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes”, which I expect to pass its assessment. However, since it’s going to be 20th Century Fox release, therefore Disney (its parent company) will drag out the pre-order listing into probably the August timeframe and the 2,101 through 2,200 selection protocol will have been wrapped up by then. So, because of that likely scenario, the new Apes movie will be optioned for a 2,201 through 2,215 spot, thus a proven movie will make the 2,101 through 2,200 selection protocol in its place. Stay tuned.

Despite the pointless re-assessment of “Sister”, Serinda Swan and Reid Scott amassed additional Flickuum movies, with the former being in “Recoil” and the latter being in “Dean”. But the biggest loser in all of this is Alexis Dziena, as the former of three movies capped off an 0-for-3 stretch in her trying to get one of her movies into The Project. But there is still hope for her in having a movie of hers make The Project, as the movie “Without Ward” will get the next crack at it, but sometime during the next round of assessments/re-assessments, which of course will be sometime after May 20, 2024.

And finally, things come in threes for Jon Heder, as the third movie (Moving McAllister) of his to be assessed/re-assessed after a Nadine Velazquez movie is going back to the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, due to A) The movie being badly put together, B) The annoying intercut scenes involving the character “Carl” and C) The awful music towards the end. And this failure just pains me because Dorothy The Pig is just so adorable, but the little piglet unfortunately can’t save the movie, therefore it’s going back to the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page.

Well, I still haven’t done an assessment/re-assessment since “Moving McAllister” threw me off for most of my day yesterday. And given that I have 26 assessments/re-assessments (not count IF) to knock out before the night of May 20, 2024, I cannot afford any more fucking around, so you know I’m going to bury six of them before I wake up tomorrow, so that I can have a nice steady pace of two per day.

Until the next time.