Flickasbord, Volume 53

Early-May 2024 has not been a good month for Alexis Dziena movies, as A) Tenderness started off on the wrong foot via the out of place music that played during its opening minutes, and B) Havoc is so bad that I’m taking Movie 43 out of the worst 12 part of the Wonka In Reverse page. I guess it’s a good thing I pardoned “Sister” from the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page after all.

Second re-assessments have been a benefit to A24, as nearly six months ago, I was able to finally understand the fate of Oscar Isaac’s character in “A Most Violent Year”, thus giving me that perfect rainy Saturday afternoon evaluation for The Project whenever that movie becomes a fully guaranteed Flickuum movie. And now I can put “The Florida Project” in that same category, as I was able to finally understand its fast motion ending. Yes, the latter of the two movies has aspects that are questionable at best, but it’s also a movie that is neck-and-neck with a fully guaranteed Flickuum movie in “Red Rocket”, which was also released via A24. So, given two of the three proceeding sentences, the Bria Vinaite-led movie has punched its ticket in Tier 11.

The magic number is now nine for “Do Revenge”, as the 2004 movie “Sleepover” has been added to Tier 8 for re-assessment, as the latter of the two movies has the potential to be neck-and-neck with “Material Girls”. Yes, casting Jeff Garland and Jane Lynch as a married couple was/is weird, but if I can accept her playing Michael Keaton’s wife in “Post Grad”, then I can accept this as well. Of course, the former of the two movies is a Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention one, therefore something has to replace it on that page, so I chose “House Of The Dead” as the replacement.

And finally, Serinda Swan did what Alexis Dziena couldn’t do and that was be in a Flickuum worthy movie not named “Sister”, as “Recoil” lived up to the already lofty expectations that I had for it, although the pardon of the aforementioned “Sister” tempered those expectations a bit. But still, the latter of the two movies passed its assessment, therefore an added bonus for the former of the two actresses. Now let’s see how Reid Scott’s movie “Dean” does in its assessment.

Well, I knocked out four assessments/re-assessments from yesterday afternoon to the wee hours of this morning, thus my goal of May 20 is within reach. And given the nice balanced pace that I foresee for myself, I know that I can achieve it.

Until the next time.