Flickasbord, Volume 13

In the very last paragraph of Volume 12, I did say no more second-guessing, which meant no more second-guessing all 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum spots. But after realizing that I could be getting into buyer’s remorse via adding “Batman & Robin” to my collection, I decided to revoke the George Clooney-led movie from having an overall guaranteed Flickuum spot, especially since it’s such a letdown as the movie that came after my favorite Batman movie, which is “Batman Forever”. Looks like, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy will be saying “Curses” about this ouster.

The ouster of “Batman & Robin” leaves a void for Conference 5 of the March Madness style format, so I looked at my list of the 68 movies that have been set aside as overall guaranteed Flickuum movies to see if I could fill that void. And sure enough, I found such a movie in “Ride Along”.

And finally, the upgrade of “Ride Along” to Tier 5 opens up yet another spot in the group of movies vying for overall guaranteed Flickuum spots 2,101 through 2,178, as that movie was supposed to be one of those 78. But thanks to “Watchmen” never getting lost in the shuffle years after my attempted assessment of it, I decided to choose that as the movie that I want to assess on such short notice since my goal is to have all 78 rounded out before Tuesday night. And yes, I am confident that it will pass its assessment.

Alright, time to get back to my third re-assessment of “Astro Boy” because it’s time to finally knock all these non-Rock Of Ages movies out. So, with that being said, blog to you all about Flickuum/Land Of Infusion related activity next week.