Easter Egg Scramble

The past three weeks have been a little off-kilter in terms of timing for this Kaycee And Forefront series, as my day out on the Monday before Christmas Eve really threw off my timing that day, along with the fact that I wanted to take the past two Mondays off, as they were Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, respectively. Plus, I didn’t really have enough detail to tackle future social issues. And given how it’s my first official time back doing this Kaycee And The Forefront thing, I still don’t have enough detail to tackle future social issues. However, I feel that I have an obligation to blog about something, so the question is “What can I blog about on somewhat short notice”?

Well this isn’t a social issue at all, but I’ve always wondered why Easter Sunday doesn’t have a set date like Christmas Day or a certain day like Labor Day, where the latter of those two holidays always falls on the first Monday of September. 

Instead, Easter Sunday has fallen on a wide radius of Sundays, dating back to 1996, as that was the year I first started keeping track of this stat. You can see the radius, with the most recent Easter Sunday at the top of the chart that you can see below:

2018April 1
2017April 16
2016March 27
2015April 5
2014April 20
2013March 31
2012April 8
2011April 24
2010April 4
2009April 12
2008March 23
2007April 8
2006April 16
2005March 27
2004April 11
2003April 20
2002March 31
2001April 15
2000April 23
1999April 4
1998April 11
1997March 30
1996April 7

As you can see, the past 23 Easter Sundays have ranged from the fourth Sunday of March to the fourth Sunday of April. And as to why that is, I honestly don’t know. Maybe someone else does and whomever does, then please tell me the reason why, because I’m still trying to figure that out.

Well, that’s all for this week’s edition of Kaycee And The Forefront. I’ll be back with a more hard-hitting issue when I’m more into the swing of things next week. So until then, so long everybody.