Dial “B” For Barter A Second Time, Part 3

Previously in Tats What’s Up!, I mentioned ordering bottles of Intenze Ink online for self-tattooing, due to my wanting of tattoo ink that came from a legitimate tattoo ink company. Plus, I mentioned my promise of my past experience of using the ordered ink from that company being in this entry. And since a promise is a promise, let’s get right to it, starting via the next paragraph.

Okay, so another thing that I mentioned about Intenze Ink in the previous entry was that I ordered various bottles of their ink and did so during the span of mid-to-late June 2014 through early March 2015. And while I don’t remember the exact names of the inks that I had ordered from their website, I do know that I ordered the following colors:

  • Black (Coloring ink that I also used for lining, as I didn’t know at the time that there was black ink specifically for lining)
  • White
  • Golden Yellow
  • Two types of Blue
  • Silver
  • Three types of Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple

Of course, I used most of those colors listed above in all my self-tattooing sessions, with the operative word being “most”, meaning that I never used the Purple ink that I ordered for a 22nd self-tattoo that I had planned. And as to what that planned tattoo was going to be, well it was going to be a tattoo of a purple candle that had some sort of connection to the Goosebumps book series. But given that I became tired of seeing most (the icicle shaped letter T tattoo excluded) of my self-tattoos being in need of restoration, I decided over the course of a three-plus month period to A) Stop tattooing my own body and B) Give all the ink bottles to friends of mine in the tattoo industry. And sure enough, I was able to get all of the Intenze bottles, as well as that one (unused) bottle of Eternal (White) ink taken off my hands.

To be continued.